LETTER : Your vote for school board is important

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As you may have heard, I have decided to run for Tell City-Troy Township School Board. I’ve been asked why I would want to be a school-board member.

My youngest of three children, all of whom attended Tell City Schools, will graduate from Tell City High School this year. The answer is simple: I care about our community.

My family and I are lifelong residents of Tell City. My wife grew up in Troy and most of her family still resides there. My business, my friends and my future are all connected to Tell City and Troy Township.

A solid education for all of our children is the key to a successful future. My active participation and interest in local schools did not just start in the past few months. Very rarely have I missed a school-board meeting since 2005.

By doing so, I have a knowledge base of past issues and decisions, and more importantly, I have kept abreast of the new state initiatives that have been openly discussed. It is evident that the school corporation is entering an exciting, yet challenging time when educational innovations and management reforms will provide the opportunity to elevate our school system to a higher level of educational excellence.

Below are my personal goals for the school board:

• Academic excellence and inclusiveness: We are well on our way with recent improvements made by the new administration. The next step is a strategic plan with measurable, achievable benchmarks that ensure intellectually rigorous opportunities appropriate for every student.

• Get the most out of our resources: Fiscal responsibility is not just spending less, it is about getting more. We must continue to promote innovation and identify best practices. We can only spread them throughout the school system by supporting administrators and teachers who believe in both.

• Include the community: The board’s decisions and strategic plan must reflect the views of the community.

• Comprehensive plan: A plan for future enrollment and facilities that reflects a long-term comprehensive vision for our schools.

Your vote is crucial for this important position, even if you don’t have kids in school. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

• You are the best judge to know what will work in your own community.

• The students in school now will soon become your employees, your customers or maybe even the entrepreneurs who develop new ways or new products to improve our lives and our community.

• Your tax dollars pay for our public education even if you don’t have kids in school. I encourage you to take an active role in how those dollars are spent.

It is important to act on your civil liberties and make your voice heard. I would appreciate your vote for Tell City-Troy Township School Board.

Tell City