LETTER: United Way Day of Caring touched many

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United Way of Perry County would like to take this opportunity to thank the youth, youth group leaders and various businesses and agencies of the community for taking part in this year's successful "Day of Caring" Nov. 6.

Youth groups joined forces to paint, stain, exercise animals, wash windows, clean, weed and clear trails at designated locations across the county. The free labor provided by our volunteers saved our local nonprofits many maintenance dollars and numerous hours of valuable time.

Special thanks go to the following for donating time and materials in preparation for a successful day: The Perry County News, Mayor Barbara Ewing and the city of Tell City for use of City Hall Park; Perry County Wellness, State Farm Insurance and Hauenstein's for their sponsorship.

We would also like to thank the following organizations for partnering with us to provide service projects for our volunteers: Anderson Woods; St. Paul Church; Tell City Parks; Perry County Animal Shelter; Cannelton American Legion; Perry County Museum; Eagles Bluff Park and the individuals who we helped.

Most importantly, we want to thank the 11 youth groups with a total of 130 volunteers from around the county for their enthusiasm, hard work and willingness to volunteer!

St. Paul Catholic Confirmation Class: Ross Fischer, Drew Grass, Reese Miller, Grant Bolin, Clint Waninger, Austin Paulin, Zachary Flamion, Madison Hagman, Logan Flannagan, Cameron Sherry, Caleb Sherry, Michelle Miller, Austin Linne, Emily Heck, Derrian Zabel, Andrew Mowery, Jo Waninger, Mark and Larky Flannagan, Trish Grass and Sister Mary Emma Jochum OSB.

Power of Youth: Alyssa Crowe, Taylor Elmer, Ashlyn Gehlhausen, Andrew Mosay, Mackenzie Etienne, Hannah Harpenau, Hillary Hubert, Bryce Lain, Austin LeClere, Loren Braunecker, Gary Biever and Sally Houzanme.

Perry Central National Honor Society: Ivan Bland, Marcus Braun, Lindsey Gengelbach, Cathryn Peter, Paul Schwartz, Susan Schwartz, Vanessa Johnson and Stephanie Walsh.

Girl Scout Troop 356: Sydney Bruner, Jenny Hess, Jennifer Trujillo, Katie Fuchs, Erica Wilson, Brittany Brumfield, Dana Corley, Karen Corley, Sam Hess, Kathy Fuchs, Alex Fenn and Robbi Thomas.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church: Emili Stephens, Rachel Malone, Allison Scheer, Hunter Gruebel, Ian Jarboe, Baily Powell, Carla Jarboe, Rhonda Hess and Renate Warner.

Tell City High School Jobs for America's Graduates: Jasmine Board, Logan Richards, Rebecca Richardt, Brittany Kaufman, Carlee Burton, Nikki Payton, Bethann O'Brien, Ethan Clausen and Jody Robinson.
Tell City High School Key Club: Amber Brumfield, Cathlyn Diaz, Jennifer Dinkel and Amy Hollinden.

Cannelton National Honor Society and Student Council: Sarah Powers, Sammie James, Alli Garrett, Taylor Childers, Klint Ridener, Chris Troutman, Katelyn Kaufman, Jayden Morris, Michael Miller, Sara Whitworth, Lisa Grose and Janie Barnett.

First Baptist Church Team Spirit: Samantha Galey, Tiffany Harrison, Timothy Harrison, Jessie Lawalin, Addie Terry, Audrie Terry, Carrie Hawkins, Jimmy Hawkins, Dakota James, Makayla Harper, Theresa Galey, and Renee Harper.

Evangelical United Church of Christ: Gretchen and Autumn Lain, Betty Smith, Sarah Spires, Tori Peter, Sarah and Dave Kluender, Jaslyn and Donovan Aders, J.T. York, Jose Flores, Norma Held, Mary Raider, Carol, Kyle, and Emily Hagedorn, Linda and Keith Kramer, Rachel Woznicki, Lacey Briggs and Gary and Debbie Butler.

Junior Girl Scout Troop 163: Emily Fuchs, Tyra Fodge, Alexis Lucas, Taylor Kratzer, MaryAnn Miller, Callie Pfeiffer, Brenna Franzman, Britney Schiyer and Kathy Fuchs.

The United Way of Perry County is proud to have brought the Youth Day of Caring to Perry County for the ninth year.

We believe it is important to instill the importance of volunteering in our youth and raise awareness of the vital services provided by the many valuable nonprofit agencies in Perry County.

Again, many thanks to all our volunteers, project leaders and sponsors.

UWPC Board of Trustees
Dan Conway, Mary Aders, Pam Krygielka, Patrick Rich, Kimberly Lasher, Earla Williams, Mary Snyder, Melissa James, Lynn Fulkerson and Sandy Henrickson

Executive Director

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