LETTER: SIP should stick to delivering electricity

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I wonder where Southern Indiana Power got the idea that I want to be their stooge and help them lobby the government for the right to continue spewing the massive amounts of pollutants from their filthy coal-fired power plants.

It sure did get that idea somewhere, because in the past week I have gotten junk postal mail, junk email and junk phone calls from Southern Indiana Power, all asking me to tell the government I want more pollution instead of cleaner air.

Well, I don’t want that. Maybe I’m crazy or misguided, but I want cleaner air and less dirty coal-burning. It is obvious the power companies won’t make that happen – they are fighting it all the way. If EPA regulation will help make things better, then I’m all for it.

In today’s junk mail, Southern Indiana Power told me new regulations could increase my electric bill by 32 percent. Never mind that there’s no credible evidence to support that. It suggested I could no longer afford groceries or   health care if my electric bill goes up.  That’s baloney, and I wish I didn’t have to use the word “baloney.”

Here’s a question for Southern Indiana Power. How much has my electric bill gone up because of what you are spending to employ your anti-environmental lobbyists, to buy postage to send me junk mail, and to pay somebody to make junk robo-calls to my phone?

Southern Indiana Power does a great job of providing electricity. I wish it would stick to that and quit lobbying the government to allow more dirty energy. Its propaganda is offensive to me and damaging to all of us who have to breathe the air.  And that is all of us.

I’d like to think there are at least as many of us willing to stand up for cleaner air and slower global warming as there are willing to help the power companies continue to pollute at outrageous and unnecessary, levels.

Parks Road, Cannelton