LETTER: Shame on the thief who stole from child

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I just wanted to say shame, shame, shame on the person who stole money from my daughter and her family, which was in a room with the door closed and should never had anyone been in there to begin with. What happened was it was my granddaughter’s 11th birthday and my daughter had invited people up for that and to watch a ballgame that was playing that day.

Then at the end, my daughter went to get some of her money and it was all gone. All of it. The whole $400. Not only that but the low person even stole all my granddaughter’s birthday money which was $125. We all gave her money so she could buy what she wanted. Now how do you explain to her that her dream of that day was shattered by some evil person.

Now my daughter’s family has to try to find a way to make sure their utilities don’t get turned off and get food for the house.

I can’t go a minute without thinking about this and how when you invite people to your home that they would steal from you. Although we may not be able to find out who did this horrible thing, God will know and you will have to answer to him. Although not everyone there had been invited by my daughter and her family but by others that had been but they had expected them there anyway.

I just feel so sad that I am unable to rectify this and replace the money stolen.