LETTER: Reminder to retailers: It’s ‘Christmas’ we’re celebrating

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As you do your Christmas shopping this year, I have a challenge for you. Think about why you are celebrating Christmas.

If it’s to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, then I invite you to consider how the retailers you buy your Christmas gifts from feel about Christ and his followers.

Many retailers have banned the word Christmas from their premises, and even instruct their employees to not say the words “Merry Christmas” to customers.

It strikes me as amazing these retailers count on Christian shoppers to balance their books for the year, but won’t acknowledge the reason for the season that will save their fiscal year.

Before you do your Christmas shopping this year I encourage you to go to the Web site, afain.net (American Family Association of Indiana) to find out what retailers say, “Bah humbug” to Christmas, and what retailers still acknowledge Christmas.

While you are on the Web site, you may want to give a donation to this group that fights to keep Christ in Christmas.

When you think of it, that truly is a wonderful gift to give future generations.
Fort Wayne