LETTER - Perry County habitat for eagles should be protected

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I would just like to submit my findings in regard to the Eagles Bluff article in the Perry County News April 14.

My husband and I have a camp at Rocky Point and just this past Sunday, I saw a bald eagle perched in a tree just across Deer Creek from our camp. It flew into another tree and I took my kayak out to get a little closer to it. These are beautiful, magnificent birds that have chosen this area to be their home.  We, as do many of our neighbors, enjoy watching these birds. We have seen them several times over the recent years and are certain they must have a nesting site close by. Also, my husband and I and another couple were out on our pontoon boat just last summer and we watched an eagle fly down into the Ohio River, catch a fish with its talons and fly up with its catch of the day to the water’s edge and perched on a log to have its lunch. 

We watched it through our binoculars and shared this story with many of our friends.  These birds do live here and do feed in the Ohio River. We are losing so much of our natural beauty here in the county and I certainly hope this area is not disturbed.  I believe that more studies should be done before disrupting the habitat of these birds. Thank you for allowing me to share my views. 

Tell City