LETTER: Perry County celebrating its bicentennial in November 2014; committee wants ideas

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Perry County will celebrate its 200th anniversary Nov. 1, 2014.  A bicentennial committee has events planned all year to celebrate this important occasion in our county’s history.

In order to help us get to know our county better, we decided to have a monthly focus on a piece of our history. We invite organizations, businesses, individuals and others to get involved in any way you can to make this a great celebration year.

We have come up with themes for each month of the year.
• January – we will look at our geography. How did we become a county? How did Perry County boundaries come to be?
• February – we will look at the tragedies in our county. The winter storm of 1918, smallpox quarantines and brewery in Troy, 1937 flood, Derby murder, Steamboat with Civil War Soldiers, Electra plane crash, Bryan Taylor plane crash, etc.
• March – Historic-famous people from Perry County or visiting Perry County. Cannelton had a silent film actress and a Mixed Martial Arts champ Aaron Riley.
• April – Arts/Quilting. Celebrate the artists and artifacts in our county.
• May – Government.  Tour old courthouses and other government gatherings.
• June – Patriotic.  Veteran gatherings and sharing mementos throughout the county.
• July – Agriculture.  Perry County 4-H Fair.
• August – Sports and Schools.  Celebrating back to school month.
• September – Manufacturing and business. Manufacturing month and Labor Day will be celebrated with past and present manufacturer and business exhibits.
• October – Genealogy.  A focus on the history of our families.

This will lead up to the celebration day – we are planning a full day of events to celebrate the actual bicentennial day.  We are also planning some historical scavenger hunts, a QR code trail and letterboxing to be available all year.

We have the high school art classes working on a logo for the bicentennial.  We will also take logo contributions from the public. You can send your ideas to the Perry County Chamber of Commerce at perrychamber@psci.net or P.O. Box 82, Tell City, IN  47586.

The list above is a draft – if you have other items to add, please let us know.  We meet at 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the chamber office at 601 Main St. in Tell City. If you cannot make a meeting, please give me a call at 547-2385.  Everyone is invited to join us. We would love to hear your thoughts on the celebration.

Executive Director, Perry County Chamber of Commerce