LETTER: Not every pet owner is irresponsible

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This is in response to a July 9 letter regarding dog feces in the city parks.

I take my dogs to City Hall Park daily, I drive there and will continue to do so as long as they enjoy it.

I am a responsible pet  owner and like many others I see there, I do pick up after my pets.

After  reading this letter I went to the park and saw only two instances where there was feces left. I can only assume since it was so offensive to this lady and her family that they picked it up.

There was more than ample space to play in. I don’t think if the park was so filthy candlelight vigils, Music in the Park or the farmers market would be held there.

We have a lovely downtown, I do my part to make sure it stays that way.

So instead of griping about pet owners, I wish someone would do something about the ends of the sidewalks on Main Street, where it  is very slippery and quite a hazard when it rains.

No matter how nice it  looks, it is dangerous.

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