LETTER: Letter writer wrong on jail tax increase

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Mrs. Carter, we’re sorry that we can’t agree with you on the animal-control issue but we try to vote for what we think the majority of the voters want and what makes sense.

We know we can’t make everyone happy but we try to inform ourselves on the issues and vote accordingly. If we don’t get it right then the voters will tell us come next election. We feel the 2005 animal ordinance would be sufficient with a little tweaking.

Also, we agree with you on the time spent on the jail issue versus the animal ordinance, but in all fairness, the jail issue was hashed out in jail committees for years and all the facts presented.

We’re trying to understand the tax increase of $1,650 per household that you put forth but the numbers we calculated don’t agree with yours. The way we understand it is that if an annual state taxable income is $50,000 the extra .5 percent tax would be $250.

Perry County Councilmen