LETTER: Letter writer owes an apology to Crawford

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Although I appreciate Mrs. Carter’s passion for animal rights, I do believe she is way out of line calling councilman Ron Crawford an arrogant hypocrite.

She does not know the same man I have known for 60 years. Arrogant? Mr. Crawford is the most humble person I have ever known. Hypocrite? No way, he has always been straight ahead with his views and his life in general.

Also, as for as representing his constituents, well he is representing this constituent and many others with whom I have discussed this issue.

I just feel this whole convoluted mess has arisen out of a knee-jerk reaction to one person’s past irresponsible treatment of his dogs.

Furthermore, I don't believe this ordinance will have any more affect on this type of behavior than the 2005 ordinance.

I believe you owe Mr. Crawford an apology for your unwarranted and malicious personal attack.

Tell City