LETTER: Let’s keep guns out of the hands of criminals

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I do not own an assault weapon, nor do I have any desire to own one. In fact there’s no reason for me to have one, no reason for you to have one either. But to ban them ?

What’s next? Pistols, shotguns, bows and arrows? You say that will never happen. Let’s hope not. But we all know things change. Politicians change from one week to the next.

Whatever’s hot today. That’s what they’ll vote for, what they think will get them future votes.

Case in point. In 2006 then Sen. Obama said he would never vote yes to raise the debt ceiling, that raising the debt ceiling was a failure of leadership. Where’s he stand now?

This is what concerns me, the National Rifle Association, and should concern you as well.

What other changes will be called for later on?

The old saying is true, “Guns don’t kill, people do.” If the criminals and sick people can’t get guns what will they use next ?

It seems that most of the mass killings that have happen lately were committed by people who were under a doctor’s care.

Why weren’t followups done and these people referred to someone and not just treated with high potency drugs?

Let’s all remember. In 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. America was reeling under this attack. Some of Japan’s leaders wanted to invade the U.S.

But their military knew, or had the idea, that all Americans were armed, that all households had guns. This would be too much of a force to contend with.

Thank goodness they decided not to invade. The government wants to tighten up on the process of gun registration.

I totally agree. Let’s keep guns out of the hands of known criminals and sick people. But it’s ironic. When the government sold more than 2,000 guns to drug dealers in the “Fast and Furious” fiasco, I wonder how much background checking went on.