LETTER: Horse rescue group needs your support

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The board and committee of Indiana Horse Rescue South would like to thank Stella Nies for use of her land in Tobinsport, Mark Ramsey and Stuart Hibbs for the paperwork to get our 501(C)3 status and bookkeeping, William Tell and Perry Central schools, local Girl Scouts, Jeanette Ward and Leann Gehlhausen for personal donations to purchase two round pens.

Thanks to Pat Reed for the presentation at William Tell. Thank you to all the people who volunteer their time at the rescue in Tobinsport. A very special thank you to everyone who helped us move our items to our new Rescue and to Nancy Ress, Leaha Robling and John Ewing for hay donations.

If I have missed someone, I’m very sorry for this.

For information call Becky Simpson at 719-6571, Pat Reed at 547-3964, Gloria Payne at 719-2291 or Jo Sodrel at 547-2071. For photo information contact, Vicky Clark Photography at 547-8956.

To donate to the rescue, contact any of the numbers listed.

The most important of all this is the horses and how they have made it through the abuse.

Indiana Horse Rescue South