LETTER: The gun-control hypocrisy of fat cats

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Ok, Chris Christie, I’ll see your reprehensible and raise you two contemptible.

What is this all about? The National Rifle Association ran a video advertisement pointing out the hypocrisy of President Obama and many politicians and media celebrities sending their children to schools protected by armed guards, while at the same time criticizing and ridiculing the NRA for recommending that all schools have armed guards.

There is nothing like calling these fat cats out as hypocrites to get them angry and all bent-out-of-shape indignant and calling reprehensible those pointing out their hypocrisy.

What are we supposed to take away from this? The children of politicians, celebrities and other fat cats are more valuable than other people’s children and thus need armed guards?

The children of politicians, celebrities and other fat cats are in more danger that other people’s children, and thus need armed guards? I believe it is both.

How many children of politicians and celebrities have you read about being gunned down at school recently? I can’t think of any. Why is that? Either they were in no danger in the first place or they were protected by armed guards.

Chris Christie and the rest have proved the NRA’s point. Armed guards protecting schools work. Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. If armed guards work for the fat cats’ kids, they will also work for all our kids.

And, of course, it is not only the fat cats’ kids who are protected by armed guards. They themselves are protected by armed guards.

The big guys protect themselves and their children with firearms, while at the same time decreeing that we little people have less armed protection or no protection at all. And to top the cake, they get all puffy and indignant and start slinging words like reprehensible at those who would point out their monstrous hypocrisy.

“Don’t be dragging people’s children into this,” says Christie. So what were those little people standing behind President Obama as he signed his executive orders? Looked like people’s children to me. Hypocrite!