LETTER: Government needs to butt out of marriage

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The debate about whether government should sanction or prevent gay marriage is missing the essential point that government has no call to be involved at all with the matter of marriage.

Marriage is a personal decision by two (or more?) people to enter into a certain kind of relationship.

It is not the government’s prerogative or bailiwick or duty or necessity to inject itself into the matter of marriage. The government should butt out of the marriage business.

There is no overwhelming social benefit to having the government involved in any way with the matter of marriage. We should not need a government license to marry, and we should not have our married lives dictated by the state, that is to say, any governmental authority: city, county, state or federal. Why do we continue to put up with this nonsense?

We complain that the government is “too much with us,” but here is a matter where we could stand up on our hind legs and say, “No, we don’t want the government controlling marriage.”

Or maybe we should go the other way and ask the government to issue “dating licenses.” You know, you don’t want your son or daughter dating that person, do you? So, if we’re going to be fascist, let’s go all the way? Just an idea.

Remember, my friends, that it used to be that in Indiana to be married, all you had to do was to go out in public and declare that you were married. The good old days.