LETTER: Foundation helps adult learners succeed

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As many in the community might be aware, the Perry County Community Foundation recently awarded a grant to adult education in Region 11 and our partner, Cannelton City Schools, to provide transportation services for the adult education class in Perry County.

The free class, held at Ivy Tech Community College in Tell City, is fairly new, and we quickly realized that one of the most significant barriers for students in the community wanting to take advantage of the class was transportation.

Thanks to the grant from PCCF and a generous community partnership with Ride Solution, many students who would not otherwise have been able to attend the class have now had the opportunity to make progress toward their goals, including earning their GED, improving skills for work placement or advancement and readying themselves for post-secondary training. 

Many students have told us that this service has made all the difference in their ability to pursue their goals and change their lives. We think that’s a good investment, and we’re so thankful the Perry County Community Foundation agrees. As the PCCF says, “It is our belief that community is more than geographic locale; we believe that it is an idea that exists in the minds of people sharing common goals and concerns.” 

We are grateful to be part of this community and for the privilege to work together for those common goals.

If anyone would like more information about adult education in the area, they may contact us at (812) 937-2671. 

ACE Academy, Dale