LETTER: Family’s holiday was ruined by thieves

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My family moved to Tell City from upstate New York in July and we all fell in love with the city. My children are thriving, my wife and I have made friends and we were really beginning to think this was the place to put down roots.  

Then we went to New York for the holidays to visit family.

Our house was broken into, and our TV, computer, video games and other items were stolen. No one was home and no one was hurt – thank goodness – but my family has never experienced anything like this before, and we are all shaken.

One of the culprits now sits in Perry County Jail. Many thanks to the Tell City Police Department for their efforts in catching this person.

I will not call someone who would steal children’s Christmas presents a man. The other or others are still at large, but I am hopeful the jailed party will give them up to ease his consequences, if not his conscience.

The man who was caught traded our XBox 360 and several others – are you missing one – at a local business, which has now refused to return it.

The criminal who stole our XBox is a Tell City resident. I believe so is the one who is now keeping it.

I am not much of a letter writer, nor am I a complainer by nature.

I am just starting to wonder if this really is the place for us.

Tell City