LETTER: Don’t let summer’s swelter stress your pet

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It’s summertime. It’s going to be very hot. Let’s take care of our furry loved ones. Let’s take care of our dogs and cats.

Here are a few tips to keep care of our pets.

• Never leave an animal in a car. Temperatures can reach 150 degrees or hotter even if you have your windows cracked.

• Always make sure that our outdoor pets have plenty of cool water and fresh food.

• Always make sure that all outdoor pets have a shelter so they can get out of the summer sun. Get a doghouse, tent or if you have them in a cage, throw a tarp over the top.

• All pets need exercise. Take them on a walk or take them to the Tell City dog park. It’s located off of 16th and Tell streets.

• Make sure all pets have flea collars. Ticks and fleas are going to be very bad this year.

• Don’t take your pets to a crowded event like a concert, fair or parade. Loud noises could cause your pets stress. Along with the heat, your pet could get very sick.

• Throw a few ice cubes in your pet’s water bowl a few times per day, they like that.

• Make sure all pets have new collars. The old one might be too tight or falling apart. Make sure they have new chains, also.

• Signs to look for if your pets are suffering heat stress: Heavy panting glazed eyes, rapid pulse, unsteadiness, staggering, vomiting, diarrhea, deep red or purple tongue.

• If your pets get overheated, you must lower the body temperature fast. Move the pet to the shade or air-conditioned area. Don’t apply cold water to the pet, he or she could go into shock or die. Apply ice packs or cool towels to your pet’s head, neck and chest only. If your pet is drinking water, add a few ice cubes. It will help.

Finally, take your pet to the vet as fast as you can. It could save their life.

These tips are provided by the Humane Society of Perry County.

Board member, Humane Society of Perry County