LETTER: Do you think Obama should be impeached?

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Editor's note: An incorrect headline appeared over this letter in our print edition.

I'd like to respond both to GOP politicians along with their Tea Party followers about their accusations that Obama is abusing his power. I'll respond by asking them a few questions.

1. What if Obama or any other president suspended the writ of habeous corpus in response to a national emergency? Do you then think he should be impeached?
 2 . If Obama or any other president put a mayor of a major US city along with 19 State Legislatures in jail without a trial along with contemplating doing it to a sitting Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, do you think he should be impeached?
3. If Obama or any other president seized important offices vital to our communications around the nation do you think he should be impeached?
I ask this because of criticism of him and his administration pertaining to the current wiretapping of some of our Allied leaders along with the scandal of the past spring pertaining to wiretapping.
4. Obama was criticized for waging so-called war in Libya or trying to engage in the Syrian Civil War, do you think then he or any other president should be impeached for the Libyan episode, such as going to war without Congressional approval?
5. If Obama or any other president is unpopular throughout his presidency while waging an unpopular war do you think he should not have been re-relected or in the extreme impeached?

If the GOP and it's supporters agree that Obama or any other president for that matter should have been turned out of office or even impeached for the above actions then congratulations you also agree that another president should have been impeached.

No it's not one of history's lowly regarded presidents but probably the greatest president this country ever had, Abraham Lincoln.