LETTER: County needs animal-control ordinance

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I am not a political person by nature. When I feel strongly about a subject, I will try to learn and support that issue. I feel very strongly about the animal-control ordinance. I feel it is good for the future of our county. We have so many unwanted and mistreated animals in Perry County and it is time to admit there is a problem and address this issue.

We don’t all agree with the ordinance, but it is at least a starting point.

I attended the county council meeting Feb. 23. I was totally surprised by some of the council members’ attitudes: Ron Crawford, Chet Mathena and Stan Goffinet. Are they truly representing the people of Perry County?

Two subjects that I am referring to took about 45 minutes of discussion. They are:

• The non-appointment of a hunting-organization member to the animal-control board. The board has been formed and can proceed with the only three members, per the ordinance.

In retrospect, because of the non-action of the county council, the hunting organizations in Perry County have no input as to any proposed actions and determinations within the authority of the board.

Is this fair?

• Not wanting to issue a dog tax of $1 because it would be too harsh.

The third issue, proposed by Chet Mathena, took approximately 10 minutes. That was the approval of an income- tax increase of $12 million, for the new jail which translates into approximately $1,650 per household in Perry County.

I am confused. Tell me if I do not understand this situation. A $1 dog tax, that helps a farmer when his livestock is killed by free-roaming dogs is too harsh a fee for the people of Perry County, but a new income tax to cover the cost of building a $12 million jail is not harsh?

Tell City