LETTER: Council vote created no room for neutrality

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Randy Cole (May 22 story) was correct in his statement that “anyone who declines to sign the petition is on Tell City’s side.” The only way to stop annexation is through remonstrance signatures.

If one does not sign, they have placed themselves on the side of the city. There is no neutral! They may “say” they do not want to become involved but they did the day they received their packet from the city. I would have preferred to not become involved myself but I didn’t have a choice. Five council members told me by a vote of 5-0 that I was involved, no matter whether I wanted to fight it or not.

The only entities that can be neutral are people who are not property owners in the annexed area and the newspaper.

What Mayor Ewing is going to do with her time in the future has never been discussed at a remonstrance meeting. There may have been small-group talks afterward but in reality I have heard more gossip about her future from the present residents of Tell City than I have from remonstrance folks. What her future plans are do not affect the annexation or remonstrance.

Everyone should leave her alone, including the person who wrote the (May 26) editorial, “Base annexation decisions on facts, not rumors.” That only provided more gossip fodder.

I agree that “both sides should stick to facts.”  But I, and the citizens of Tell City, are still missing a lot of facts about the Southern Indiana Power-Tell City Electric Department agreement and the And-Tro Tell City agreement.