LETTER: Council comments a disservice to county

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I am writing to clarify my statements (made in a March 5 letter) about the proposed income tax concerning the new jail, and animal control ordinance and board. At the end of this letter I have included a short response to Jeff Jones.

Because my first letter has led to some confusion, let me try to clarify my statements. First, when I was talking about the tax levy, I was talking about the 20 years as the time frame suggested by the council. According to stats found at Indiana.edu, the median household income is $44,652.

Divide that by .5 percent you get approximately $223 per year, now if you multiply that by 20 years, which is the time frame, suggested by the council to pay for the new jail, you get a total tax levy of $4,460. Please understand these are approximate figures. But they are pretty close to the correct amounts.

I am not saying don’t build a new jail. It is in fact something the higher authorities say we must do. And I am willing to pay my share, for Perry County.

Mr. Crawford stated, in all fairness, the jail issue has been hashed out for years. The animal ordinance discussion began in 2010, so it also has been hashed out for years.

What I said was that Ron Crawford is not representing the people who elected him. He stated in effect, if the jail funding were put on the ballot as a referendum it would be voted down by the people. That means for his own reasons he is going against his constituents.

The animal-control ordinance is on the books; it has passed. The animal control ordinance board can proceed to do the job they were appointed to do. Your attitude by hypocrisy and arrogance was only causing the hunter groups to not be represented on the board, which in my opinion was a disservice to the hunters of Perry County.

The people on the board may not have the knowledge a hunter would have as to what is proper care for hunting dogs. Cow people know cows, horse people horses, dog people dogs, cat people cats, hunters know hunting dogs and each group is different and has different needs.

I would like to thank the council members who finally appointed a hunter representative to the animal-control board. I still think Ron Crawford, who voted against the appointment, is not representing his constituents but his own agenda.

I would also like to make a statement to Jeff Jones, as to my marital status. I remained single many years. Then I found Jim or he found me, either way it was a match. I love animals of all kinds and do my best to keep their welfare in mind when I am doing things that involve them.

Lucky for me Jim has the same mindset. That is how we came to be married. I am a person who does not like to be in the public eye. But sometimes things just have to be said. I am an individual; I have a voice and mind of my own.

Bringing my husband into your statement was, demeaning to me and my opinion as an individual.

I would hope you could refrain from that in the future.