LETTER: Company wrong about gasification impact

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No significant impact on the environment? That is what Indiana Gasification wants us to believe about the amount of pollution that will be produced by the proposed synthetic gas project.

They compare the amounts of pollution to coal-fired electric plants in the area. Of course they are going to have less pollution than any of the AEP, Vectren or Duke Energy power plants.

We understand that these power plants burn the coal that is used and that the syngas plant will use the coal in a chemical process. But there will be pollution released into the atmosphere.

Indiana Gasification’s own data, sent in a letter to citizens in the proposed location and which have been submitted to IDEM and the EPA for their air-pollution permit, show these levels of emissions from the plant. There are measured as tons per year.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx), 126 tons per year (a poisonous, reddish-brown gas); carbon monoxide (CO), .634 tons per year (a colorless, odorless, highly poisonous gas); volatile organic compounds (VOC), 16 tons per year; sulfur dioxide (SO2), less than 100 tons per year (a heavy, colorless, suffocating gas); particulate matter under 10 microns in diameter (PM-10), 72 tons per year and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), 10 tons per year.

Adding these amounts into the air will have a significant impact on the environment of the surrounding area.

The extra pollution will increase our risk for respiratory illnesses and those who are already dealing with respiratory problems will suffer even more.

Why would we want this much more pollution released into our air when the toxic pollution produced by AK Steel and the AEP plant already have Spencer County identified as the most polluted county in Indiana?

Don Schroeder