LETTER: Anglers help county

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As director of the Convention and Visitor Bureau of Perry County, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our fishing tournaments to our area in this 2012 fishing season. On behalf of our lodging, shopping and restaurant partners, we would like to open our community to the many fishermen and their families. Last year the Department of Natural Resources was in the process of changing rules and regulations for bass fishing on the Ohio River. These changes would have had a devastating effect on Perry County. Brad Moser, president of the First River City Bassmasters, put some information together for the Natural Resource Commission, the governing body of the Indiana division of DNR. I am excited to share these numbers with our community. Thanks to the efforts of Brad Moser and Ralph Harding, owner of Perry Marine and others in the community, the proposal was tabled. These numbers are approximation but are very close to the actual number of fishermen on the Ohio River in one season. The average angler stays approximately 12 times a year in our lodging at $80 per night and spends $200 each weekend shopping and dining in Perry County. That is $3,360 each year spent in Perry County.

With an estimated 5,000 anglers visiting each year, the impact is $16.8 million.

Executive Director, Perry County Convention and
Visitors Bureau