Let's keep the community momentum going!

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By The Staff

Tell City's sesquicentennial is behind us. It's natural for all of us who were caught up in the celebration as planners or participants to take a collective breath and relax after all the preparation and celebrating. The spirit of the just-completed festivities should be a beginning, however, not an end, of a renewed effort to make our communities the best they can be.

One of the compliments we heard most often during the week about Tell City was how its citizens seemed to take real pride in their city, in how it looked, the respect for history and the warm welcome given to visitors. We agree. Tell City's very best was on display. We'd like to see that continue and point to Mayor Barbara Ewing's hope voiced last week about trying to "bottle-up" all the excitement and and uncork it when there's work to be done.

One of our hopes is that the community pride and hard work exhibited ahead of and during Tell City's 150th anniversary will emerge in a willingness for more people to take active roles in civic projects.

Clubs and sororities such as the Moose Lodge's successful sesquicentennial parade and Mu Gamma's cookbook show how much can be accomplished by dedicated volunteers. The work of the sesquicentennial committee and the yearly labors by members of Schweizer Fest's board of directors also point to the fruits of planning and dedication.

Tell City, all of Perry County for that matter, needs people to get involved in a range of activities. That's nothing new, but we hope the gust of civic involvement will prod others to step forward and raise their hands. November's ballot is set and while there's no election next year, our county will need men and women willing to serve in elected office, as well as yearly appointments to boards and commissions.

Community projects like Tell City's greenway initiative will need volunteers and owners of properties on Main Street may be asked to help maintain or even build on this year's improvements. Nonprofit groups are always looking for members and youth, school and community outreach efforts rely on volunteers like you.

All of us can spend a little more time and elbow grease maintaining our homes and yards and those beautification efforts can be a lasting result of this summer's celebration. The flowers planted and flags flown this summer will look just as nice in the months to come and in 2009 as they did a couple of weeks ago.

The investment of time and money devoted to Tell City's sesquicentennial can't be replicated every year in every community, but the pride and public involvement Tell City's 150th birthday generated needs to stay with us.

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