Jailhouse talk

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William Tell Elementary School fifth-graders Bryson Karnes, Ryan Harding, Kellen Morrow and Adam Williams query Bill Gibson about a stone jail they toured Monday during a field trip to the Shubael Little Pioneer Village. The former jail was moved from its original site in Troy to the village at Rocky Point last year. Students’ visit to the village opened their eyes to the lives of 1800s-era pioneer families in the county. Asked by a student about bathroom privileges in the original jail, Gibson told them a jailer would have escorted them to a nearby outhouse when nature called. If that wasn’t bad enough, offenders would have been fed meager meals, often scraps, while waiting for a traveling judge, he added. After their parole from the jail, students visited cabins and other sites in the village. At left, they dip wicks tied to sticks into buckets of hot wax. They took the candles home as souvenirs of their visit.