It’s not always about roads

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INDOT employees have a softer side

Editor’s note: The following was submitted by the Indiana Department of Transportation.

VINCENNES – Most days in the life of an Indiana Department of Transportation employee are hot and sunny or snowy and cold.  And some days something unexpected happens to make these employees have an appreciation and feeling of satisfaction from a random act of kindness that they weren’t expecting to perform.

A few weeks back our Traffic Department personnel were out completing inspections of our large signs along I-164. As they approached one sign, they noticed something lying on the ground.  What they found were two jewelry boxes that had been destroyed as they hit the ground.  The workers, DeWayne Carie, Jerry Haney and Brian Risley, began gathering up all they could find of the jewelry and drove to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office to deliver what they had found.

The sheriff’s department researched and found the rightful owner, who was very appreciative of the employees’ efforts.

A few days later the same employees were back inspecting signs on I-164 and found a cell phone.  After making a few phone calls the owner was discovered and they met her to return the phone.  She was extremely grateful for the employees going out of their way to return her phone.

INDOT employees always try to find a way to help.  Recently they participated in a state-wide effort called “Food for Families” to help replenish the shelves of local food pantries after the holidays.  A total of 2,466 nonperishable food items were collected throughout the Vincennes District.  A blood drive was also recently held to help the Southwest Indiana Chapter of the American Red Cross replenish their blood bank post holidays.

INDOT continues to encourage its employees to help as much as you can in your communities and continue to Pay It Forward.  For the latest news and information about INDOT, please visit www.in.gov/indot or www.trafficwise.in.gov.