It’s been a fast 87 years

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As a retired teacher, musician, and song writer, I wake up during the night and think about the wonderful students I taught or I think about an idea for a song; I wrote many songs at night.

You know, when you have wonderful students in your classes, you can get a lot done; that was my situation many times. They were hard workers! It was a joy to teach them/ It was my job to be there everyday. I had 22 years of perfect attendance. It was great to see them learn! Another word comes to mind: dedication.

When those ball players worked hard in my classes, I made it a point to back them in athletics, be at as many games as possible.

Then one day, a non-student of mine tagged me with the nickname, “Super Commodore”! I remember it clearly!

Then more recently, a co-captain increased the nickname to “True Super Commodore”! Yes, I have many fond memories of all those wonderful students.

God our greatest teacher, led me to become a teacher, so I became dedicated to my job.

Speaking of God, he made the “Golden Rule”! Live the Golden Rule, for more, to some former students, thanks for your hugs! Yes, One of my 124 songs is titled “A Hug”! God bless you! I am still handicapped and slightly disabled but I can still help disabled vets.

My birth date was 9/11/1930. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who sang Happy Birthday, and who have helped me in my 87 years of life! One guy said: I  hope you have 87 more. He served with the Marines.


Charles L Schnell