Hospital's new scopes to catch problems earlier

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Trustees OK purchase of new colonoscopes

By Vince Luecke

TELL CITY - A dreaded but potentially life-saving procedure will be enhanced at Perry County Memorial Hospital after its board of trustees voted Wednesday to purchase two new colonoscopes.

The hospital invested in  a new light source and processor for colonoscopies last year, but the new scopes, carrying a combined price tag of $58,680, will allow other equipment to be used to its full potential, surgery-department nurse Earla Williams told the board.

She said the colonoscopes will better detect colon abnormalities and find potential problems at an earlier stage.

Colonoscopies are an important tool in the detection of colon cancer. Earlier detection often leads to more treatment options and higher survival rates.

Also en route to the hospital is a new radiological tool that will allow for better heart and vascular ultrasounds, especially in larger patients.

The hospital is getting a refurbished Sieman's Acuson ultrasound system that will have the same software and probes of a new unit but its $80,000 price is $60,000 lower.

Staff Credentialing

As they do at most meetings, trustees approved several staff-credentialing requests. Urologist Dr. Todd Renschler was added to the hospital's provisional consulting staff; Dr. Darin Thomas was reappointed in the field of emergency medicine and registered nurse Rosanne Cummins' resignation was accepted.

Financial Reports

The hospital earned $1.2 million in the first four months of 2009, an income statement showed. April's income from operations totaled $206,534.

At the request of Mike Schneider, plant operations director, the board approved updated management plans for utilities, equipment and emergency readiness.

The board's next meeting is set for July 1.