Group serving the survivors of suicide

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There are many that are still struggling, even a year after the loss of a loved one or friend.

They are still searching for answers and wanting to know. Some even feel they’re to blame or they should have been there. Depression is the most common reason for suicide, along with issues in life such as divorce, loss of jobs, the way people treat others, and a break-up of a relationship.

As the holidays approach, it seems these things become more visible to us. Loneliness can be a big factor. If you just need someone to talk to when things get tough, feel free to call anytime day or night.

At its end result there is only one that can give perfect peace in all things and his name is Jesus. Our military has an alarming rate. Veterans feel very free to call anytime 24/7.

Anyone who has had thoughts of suicide, please think of those you will leave behind.
We continually keep those in our prayers so please call if you need to.

A newly formed group continues to meet monthly. Watch the News for information on the next meeting.

Feel free to call me for more information. I can be reached at (270) 922-7351. Come, support and serve others in their time of need.

Albert M. Sturgeon
Survivors of Suicide Support Group