Good hunters respect the game they pursue

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This letter is in response to the letters written by William Wilson  (“Animals deserve rights”) and (“Hunters preserve traditions”) by the officers and members of the Southern Indiana Squirrel Hunters Club and Perry County Coon Club.

It seems to me that both sides in this argument have the same problem as many other public officials currently holding office, right on up to the U.S. Congress.

Both sides seem, in my opinion, to have an “it’s my way or nothing” attitude. As for Mr. Wilson’s attitude, the Bible I read tells of many of our biblical saints owning herds of cattle, sheep and goats. These thousands of animals were not kept as pets but were used for their meat and wool and leather.

They slew the fatted calf for food and celebration. I agree that in the process of doing so, we should be as humane as possible.

As for riding the bull, Jesus, who was and is sinless, rode a donkey. If it is good enough for Jesus, I can certainly live with it.

As for the hunting clubs in the county, first let me say that I am a lifelong hunter and fisherman. I grew up following my dad on many coon and squirrel hunts. I loved it then, as I do now.

We must remember however, that as we hunt and slay the fatted calf, we can do that humanely. Yes, hunters take the lives of the game we hunt, but I have never met a hunter worth the title who didn’t have a tremendous amount of respect for the game he hunted.

We can be hunters, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to keep our dogs living in filth or to kick and beat them if they do not behave the way we wish them to.

I don’t see why we must take one side or the other on this issue.
It seems to me that both sides would benefit if there were compromise and we worked together on this issue.

Neither side is all right  or all wrong. Let’s put aside our “me” issues and work together for the benefit of the animals and for our enjoyment of the great outdoors.

There is room in this world to be a hunter and a member of a humane society, as I proudly am.

Charles W. Falls
Tell City