The future generation

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The Perry County Quality of Life Committee has been asking students to share what they think about their home county. In the first of several installments over the next several months, young people talk about what it’s like to grow up here ...

Museums? Yes, right here in Perry County

There are countless places you can live in the United States, but my family, along with many others, chose to live in the small town of Tell City in Perry County.

There are many perks to living in a small town. What are they you might ask? Well, the biggest one is the fact that you know mostly everybody. I cannot make a trip to Wal-Mart without seeing at least five people I know.A 10-minute run to Wal-Mart can turn into a 30-minute or longer trip. Another great thing about Perry County is the fact that it is such a historic town. When driving down Main Street in Tell City, almost every building has some sort of history to it.

You can check out the history of all those buildings and more with a stop at museums in Tell City and in Cannelton.

A lot of small towns cannot say that they have museums, but Perry County can!

Perry County holds an annual Schweizer Fest every summer. It is a great time, and I believe that our community looks forward to that event every year. Another event that brings our community together for fun is Draggin’ Main. This event brings out people of all ages and has become a huge success.

No matter what your age is, there is always something fun to do. Another big thing in our community that I believe everybody looks forward to is deer season. The majority of Perry County residents are big hunters, because we are known for our national forest areas and all of our great wooded areas. I know for a fact that we bring in big hunters from all over the country during deer season.

I believe Perry County continues to get bigger and better because of the job opportunities. I believe that a good portion of people that live in Perry County work at Waupaca and ATTC. Waupaca and ATTC bring people to Perry County from all over the world.

For example, my dad, who is employed at Waupaca, is currently working with a guy from India. In my opinion, without Waupaca and ATTC, our county would not have the population and growth we have seen in the last few years. Another thing that brings employment opportunities here would be Perry County Memorial Hospital. Right now as you are reading this, they are building a bigger and better hospital in a more central location for the county.

I believe when it is finished being built there will be even more job opportunities sprouting up.

Although we are a small town, we have a lot of recreational things to do to keep ourselves busy. We have a movie theater, a bowling alley and we just recently got a new clothing store in town along with a few others that we already had. We also have a city pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, a dog park, bicycle and walking trails and several parks for kids. Oh, and don’t forget all the restaurants we have!

Name one of the best fast food restaurants and I bet you that we have it! We may be small but we do have a wide variety of restaurants and not just all fast food restaurants.

We also have a large number of sit-down restaurants. Living right on the Ohio River is another huge plus. For fun, a lot of Perry County people go boating on the river. I know I do as much as I can. Boating includes all three of my favorite things: tanning, swimming, and food. What more could you want?

Our educational system here in small Perry County is great. There are three high schools: Tell City, Perry Central and Cannelton. Not only do we have elementary, junior high and high schools, but we also have Ivy Tech community college here in Tell City.

The students in our schools receive many benefits from the partnership that Perry County Schools and Ivy Tech have set up for college credits.
I am currently taking a class during school that I will receive college credits from Ivy Tech as a junior in high school. I also know that you can take welding and basic electricity classes if you are interested in pursuing any of those careers.

My brother is attending Ivy Tech to become an electrician. He loves it because he can keep his full time job at The Post restaurant and still live at home, all while still attending his Ivy Tech classes.

In my opinion, Perry County has a lot of opportunities and it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

After college, I plan to return and raise a family here in the small community of Perry County. I hope to get a job at Perry County Memorial Hospital as a nurse.

I love living here, and I could not have asked for a better place to grow up. I know raising a family here would be a great choice. I really feel like everybody here cares about one another and it is like an extended family.

Not coming back to Perry County after college is not even an option for me. I guess what I am trying to say is, I could never leave my family behind.

Cassie Bryant,
Junior, Tell City High School

My county offers me nature’s beauty, job opportunities

Perry County is a wonderful place to live. It’s a small community with friendly and polite people. There is beautiful scenery, as we are located on the Ohio River and the Hoosier National Forest. We are also a developing community with lots of jobs. We are getting a new hospital and a new jail. There are also plenty of other reasons why I love living in Perry County.

Everyone knows each other in a small community, but the friendly people of Perry County always offer a welcoming smile to newcomers. People who move here often feel welcome and happy to make this their new home. The lifelong residents enjoy rich family traditions and heritage, too.

Secondly, the scenery of Perry County is very beautiful. We are located on the Ohio River which is the source of a lot of our recreation and used for industry as well. We are also home to the Hoosier National Forest, which offers camping, fishing, hiking, swimming and more. If you are into photography or sightseeing, you will love Perry County.

Finally, there are plenty of job opportunities in Perry County. There are plenty of manufacturing jobs. We are also building a new jail and a new hospital which are sure to offer other jobs, too.

There are many other reasons why I think Perry County is a wonderful place to live. We are a hometown-proud community with plenty of room to grow and develop. It is also a great place just to visit, relax, and enjoy. I am proud to call Perry County my home.

Chloe Robinson
Seventh grade, Tell City Junior High School

My county offers elbow room

Perry County is an extraordinary place to live and start a new family. We have a bunch of land that you can use for anything. You can also see a variety of animals in our tremendous amount of forest or grasslands. I also love the fact that there is room in your backyard to build almost anything you want. You can start a business on your lawn if you want to!

The open space is a wonderful delight when you are interested in farms and raising livestock. Any animal you want (that’s legal) can be raised in your barn or in your house. There isn’t much traffic here because there aren’t a lot of people living here like in the cities. There is room so that you will not be living right next to your neighbor because you might not like them or maybe you just want to have a little bit of freedom to scream and shout.

There are so many different animals out in our forests that we don’t even know about probably. We can even hunt them if it’s time or just watch them because we love the way they gallop across the grassy hill when the sun is just peeking out getting ready to shine. That is another good thing about our county because there are a lot of photographic opportunities just waiting for you. There are many wonderful sights that are here like the hills or trees making up the horizon and of course, the animals sitting all alone or with their family on the grassy plain.

Now that you have read this whole story, there are many things that you can do around here in the country. There aren’t many people crowded together here so you can feel a little bit of freedom away from everybody. You can also get up and down the roads better because there is very rarely any traffic that will slow you down.

The wildlife here is also where you can do your business because there is plenty of things that you can take pictures of. There are plants and animals here that sometimes look like they are posing for you!

Christian Holman
Sixth-grader, Perry Central Community School

Outdoors lovers, look at us

Welcome to Perry County, a sprawling landscape of life-filled forest and small towns. Perry County is a unique area covered by the Hoosier National Forest and surrounded by the Ohio River.

These features make Perry County an amazing place for tons of outdoor activities. So, when you get bored or need some inspiration, explore Perry County and you will find that some of the most beautiful things in life are right here.

The first attraction of Perry County and possibly the most important is the Hoosier National Forest.

We have over 60,000 acres of the forest right here inside the county, and it is open year round for public enjoyment. Some of the favorite activities that the local parks promote are fishing, camping, and boating. If hiking is more your style then you will be happy to know that we have 84 miles of trails to explore and in addition group hikes are scheduled frequently by the Perry County Parks and Recreation, and are open to visitors.

The parks also support hiking, with eight different routes that go through the county ranging from 20 miles to 85 miles.
Our next big attraction is the Ohio River; it makes its way through six states and forms the southern border of Perry County.

The river is best known for watersports, fishing, and its beauty. But of course if you would like to admire the beauty of the river from the safety of land there are several playgrounds along the river that are a great place to bring the family, have something to eat, or just hangout. You will never find the Ohio River crowded.

People have thousands of acres of water to boat, ski, canoe, fish, and swim. On a more personal note I especially enjoy “tubing” on the river; nothing quite compares to hanging on for dear life while you’re being pulled around the water.

Finally, Perry County isn’t all natural attractions we have several festivals and other fun activities that are man-made. Some of the festivals that Perry County hosts are the Dogwood Tour in April, the Perry County Summerfest in July, Schweizer Fest in August, and many more.

One of my favorite traditions takes place in Tell City where we drive up and down Main Street, with good food and good people surrounding you. It has adopted the name Draggin’ Main.

Another attraction that is new to Perry County is Eagle Wings Ziplines. I haven’t been to Eagle Wings but I have heard good things about it.

In conclusion, there is more to Perry County than what you see driving through. So if you ever feel like seeing amazing natural land, looking for a place to relax, or just plain bored explore Perry County.

Travis Brinksneader,
Junior, Tell City High School