Excise eyeing cross-border cigarette sales

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By The Staff

INDIANAPOLIS - In today's economy, shoppers seek out the best deals possible and will sometimes drive farther or purchase more in order to increase their savings.  

With a per-pack tax of .995 cents, Indiana ranks 29th in the nation among other states who tax their cigarettes.

Illinois ranks 30th with a tax of .98 cents per pack and Kentucky is ranked 40th with a .60-cent cigarette tax. As a result, many Hoosiers travel to Kentucky in search of cigarettes with lower prices.  

The Indiana State Excise Police would like to inform Hoosier shoppers that cigarettes purchased out of state are considered "untaxed" and that there is a specific law that regulates the possession of untaxed cigarettes in Indiana.  Indiana Code 6-7-1-24 makes it a Class B misdemeanor to possess more than 1500 untaxed cigarettes (7.5 cartons).  

Those looking to save money should consider limiting the amount that they purchase out of state to 7.5 cartons or less.

Verifying that this tax has been paid on a pack of cigarettes in Indiana is easy - cigarette packs sold in Indiana possess a light blue tax stamp on the bottom of each pack.  

Anyone purchasing cigarettes from an Indiana retailer who finds that the stamp is not present, or if it is not an Indiana stamp, should contact the Indiana State Excise Police with this information.