EDITORIAL: Supporting Cannelton is supporting Perry County

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At their April 2 city meetings, Cannelton officials made several decisions and took some steps to help better their community. Several residents of Cannelton were there to lend their support.

A special public hearing was held to discuss a tax abatement for Moskos Brothers LLP’s Rob Moskos, who is renovating buildings along the city’s Seventh Street. The discussion also included a request to apply for a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Office to purchase needed equipment for the police and fire departments. These plans were met with support from community members and city leaders alike.

All agreed these moves are going to benefit Cannelton and its residents.

That same evening, the public works board heard from Perry County Greenway representative Rebecca Fenn and Moskos, representing Cannelton Community Foundation, about the benefits a greenway in Cannelton would provide to the city, including its tourism and connecting to the Safe Routes to School initiative. With a greenway along the river in Cannelton, there is a greater possibility of connecting Cannelton and Tell City through a walkway, something several officials in both cities have discussed in the past.

During the meeting, everyone was engaged in the discussion of what the benefits could be to Cannelton, including city council members not a part of the public-works board. And all agreed it was worth the effort to pursue and look into the issue further.

We commend the leaders of Cannelton for their plans and goals to better their city and support them in these efforts. Times may be hard and the economy struggling, but the leaders and residents of the city continue to strive for better things for their town.

We urge all Perry County residents and leaders to offer their support to the city of Cannelton as they work toward these goals. In the end, not only will their completed efforts improve Cannelton, but these projects will improve the county as a whole.

Support from your community is key when taking on projects such as improving buildings and applying for grants. While we understand there are many communities in Perry County striving to better themselves, we think it’s important to remember we are all neighbors and we hope everyone would not only want their city to grow, but the county as well.

Improvements anywhere in the county benefit us all. And that’s an idea all Perry Countains can and should support.

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