EDITORIAL: Downtown offers a lot; input could improve it further

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Recently, a committee working to better downtown Tell City asked for the public’s opinion about ways to make our Main Street more attractive to tourists and to our residents, as well. And it was good to see the community respond. The ideas and suggestions that were given to the committee members were published in the May 23 issue of The News.

There were plenty of good, sound suggestions for the city to take under consideration; planting trees in empty lots for shade and rest areas, brightening up sidewalks and businesses, extending the bike lanes – which has been done this past week by the city – and promoting downtown more with possible signs luring visitors to Main Street.

We would add a suggestion of building up the annual Dogwood Festival again, and attracting more booths and activities to Schweizer Fest.

There were some suggestions that raised some questions, as well. A letter from a local businessman was published recently and he addressed some of the suggestions made. He had some good points, too. Some things survey respondents suggested are currently on Main Street, but get overlooked by the residents of the county as well as tourists visiting our town.

We have a beautiful City Hall park and gazebo, which plays host to music concerts and a talent competition throughout the summer months. A huge Easter-egg hunt was held there in April by a local church and many local groups use the park for various activities and fundraisers.

We have cafes as well that serve coffee, breakfast and lunch and restaurants for dinner and drinks. There aren’t an abundance of shops, we realize, but we do have some small, unique stores and consignment shops to visit.

We agree that downtown isn’t perfect and while we have some great businesses and restaurants presently residing on Main Street, more can be added and more can be done to improve it. However, we shouldn’t forget those that are there. We’re sure many people visit Capers, but have you thought about the other little restaurants and cafes that are dot Main Street? The stores there are worth checking out, too.

We can’t forget that we have our historical museum up a block from Main Street as well, and a newly redone Sunset Park with playground equipment, many park benches and a beautiful walkway for joggers, runners or anyone just wanting to enjoy the river.

We commend and support the community members who are seeking input and working to build up our downtown area. We also commend the citizens of our town for stepping up to offer support and opinions. But if you haven’t checked out what your city has to offer currently, give it a try. And if you have more suggestions for the businesses or community, we urge you to let the city or leaders of the community know. Great things are here, but there is always room for improvement.

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