EDITORIAL: Congratulations, graduates! Your futures are bright

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High-school seniors across the county are graduating and as they close one chapter on their lives and start another, we extend to them and their families hearty congratulations. Cannelton students received their diplomas Saturday and Perry Central seniors graduated Sunday. Tell City seniors will conclude their high-school careers Friday.

Seniors will take varying paths in the weeks and months ahead. Some will continue their education or join the military, while others may opt to dive in to the working world.

Since beginning school, you’ve been nurtured and protected within school walls and steered toward particular clubs, organizations and teams. Within those walls you’ve made friends with people who come from the same place and possibly even shared the same experiences.
But after high school it changes.

This isn’t a change you should be afraid of. It’s one you should embrace. Whatever path you decide to take will lead you to brand-new experiences. These paths will lead you to meet people from many different states, countries, religions and walks of life.

Keep an open mind and don’t let past experiences automatically shut those out who believe differently than you. These differences add to what we learn in life and make us who we are. This may be the chance to see who you really are and not just how everyone perceives you. If we all believed in the same things, this world would be black, white and very boring.

Perry County is just one small piece of a larger puzzle. Take what you’ve learned from your mentors, teachers, parents, family, friends and personal experiences to map your own way through this world and make your mark.

It may be tough at first. Many changes may happen all at once, but it is all worth it.

For some, this may be the first time you won’t be able to rely on your parents to make sure you get up in time for class or work. One word of advice on this: invest in a loud, annoying alarm clock. You’ll be thankful for it when you have an 8 a.m. exam or have to be at work early in the morning.

To those joining the military, when times get tough, remember those you are fighting for and the freedoms you are protecting for not only the America of today but also for future generations. Know that we won’t forget you.

To those joining the work force, don’t work to live. Find a job you like to go to every day with people who make it worthwhile.

To those going to college, take this time to find out what you are passionate about and try to find a major that suits you, not what your parents or family expect you to do.

No matter which path you choose, remember one thing: This is only the beginning. What you learn in this next chapter will be the setup for the next.

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