Editor’s Santa column drew smiles

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I was reading the article written to Santa from our editor. I first passed it to read other parts of the paper.

As I perused the pages, I found I kept going back to the article. I often read his articles and am quite fond of nearly all of them.

While reading, I found myself smiling and by story’s end I realized that I had even broken into a full snicker a couple of times. It’s my opinion that this was a well-written, timely and funny article.

But don’t put too much into that fact because I actually have a lot of opinions and not everybody agrees with them.

I’m really glad that I live in a town that has a newspaper. I receive my paper each week and wanted to thank the hospital for letting everyone in our county get a copy through sponsorship of a Dec. 10 sample edition that went to every home in the county.

I hope it was money well spent, as I believe it was.

I also wanted to thank all the people who called or stopped me all over town and told me that they agreed with what I said in my last letter. 

I have one more opinion before I end this letter. 

It’s my opinion that the park at Eagles Bluff should be open on weekends while weather permits.

If it needs to close because of budget problems you should close it Mondays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Now my wish is for everyone to have a merry Christmas or a happy holiday if you prefer.



Tell City