Don't forget to take ID when voting

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By The Staff

INDIANAPOLIS - Each voter is required to present an identification card with a photo, on which their name conforms to the one on the voter-registration record.

The Indiana secretary of state's Web site, www.in.gov/sos/elections/2401.htm, notes that "conform does not mean identical" and provides examples of names that would conform to the name Robert John Crew. They include Robert J. Crew, Robert Crew, R. John Crew, R. J. Crew, Bob John Crew, Bob J. Crew, Bob Crew, John Crew and J. Crew.

The ID must have been issued by the state or federal government and must contain an expiration date that has not passed or that passed after Nov. 4, 2008. The secretary of state notes that includes military identification cards with "indefinite" expiration dates, such as those for military retirees.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles is issuing interim or extension licenses for drivers renewing or applying for any type of credential since the first of the year who have less than 14 days left on their current ID, County Clerk Jean Schuthise explained.

Exemptions exist for voters unable to afford costs associated with obtaining ID cards, those who object on religious grounds to being photographed and residents of state-licensed facilities, such as Twilight Towers, that also serve as voting sites.

Voters unable or unwilling to present photo ID at the polls will be asked to cast provisional ballots, Schulthise said.

They will have until 10 days after the election to present valid IDs to the county election board or affirm that one of the law's exemptions applies to them.

Anyone with questions can call the county clerk's office at 547-3741 or the Hoosier Voter Hotline at (866) 461-8683.