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Vince Luecke


editor@perry countynews.com


I’m occasionally asked about the Perry County News’ website, which thousands of people visit every week for news, sports, features and opinion pieces, perhaps even, from time to time, this column.

Like those of most newspapers, our website is subscriber-based, meaning a subscription is required to access all of the site’s features. We think web access is a valuable feature, especially for those who regularly gather news and features online or via their smart phones.

But our Web site offers plenty of content at no cost and this is the part that I think is often overlooked. I say that because when I tell someone that a breaking-news story has been posted online – or that a group of graduation photos are on our slideshow, they say they can’t check out the site because they aren’t subscribers or have never obtained a user name or password for the site.

We want everyone to know that breaking news is always accessible by everyone and that includes anything involving public safety, weather and other major stories that take place between issues.

Also available to everyone who logs on, subscriber or not, are our obituaries and photo galleries. A couple of months ago we returned to a previous practice of placing obituaries online the same day we receive them, often within an hour or two. We pledge to continue doing that.

As far as website photos, we need to be more consistent with putting images online, especially from sporting events we cover every week. I’ll work to ensure that happens, starting this week.

Our website took second place in the Hoosier State Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest late last year and we’re proud of the recognition. Our staff invests a lot of work into updates. If you’re a subscriber and haven’t logged on to obtain a user name and password, do so today. It’s an easy process and we’re here to offer help.

If you’re not a subscriber, give us a ring and we’ll set you up. For those out of the area or who want to read the paper online and would prefer not to have a paper mailed to them, we offer online-only subscriptions. Call Joyce at (812) 547-3424.

Honor Your Inner Monk

Saint Meinrad Archabbey has launched a free prayer app that can be downloaded to smartphones. It allows users to pray a different short prayer each morning and afternoon. Other features include portions of the Rule of St. Benedict, prayers and hymns.

The office of monastery vocations at Saint Meinrad is the app’s developer and is calling it “Honor Your Inner Monk.” Vocations Director Brother John Mark Falkenhain OSB came up with the idea. “We believe that all Christians have an inner monk – the part of each of the us that wants to move a little to the side so we can develop a deep, intense and personal relationship with God,” he said in the winter issue of the monastery’s news-letter, On the Hill.

Check out the app at www. honoryourinnermonk.org.