Director: Band ‘gave their all’ despite storm’s chaos

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Marksmen not permitted to march, but ‘played their hearts out’

Managing Editor


TELL CITY – Tell City’s Marching Marksmen were warming up at Springs Valley Saturday when a deluge of rain chased all but Paoli’s performers inside.

When they arrived at the French Lick school, the rains hadn’t begun, Director Natasha Edmondson said Monday. The performers changed into their uniforms, then “five minutes into our practice, it started pouring,” she explained.

“The Springs Valley Festival of Marching Bands is an exhibition-only event providing a local opportunity for ensembles surrounding the Orange County area to perform,” according to information posted at IndianaMarching.com. Judges attend the event only to provide commentary, with the primary focus of the show “to develop camaraderie between bands and offer an opportunity for each group to perform their field show for an early-season run in front of a live audience.”

“We all had our instruments out, and our uniforms and our flags, and they all got soaked, absolutely soaked,” she said with a laugh. “We went inside. Paoli, unfortunately, was on the field performing; they were marching their show when the downpour started.”

When the Pride of Paoli finished their show, everything was moved into the gym, Edmondson said. The Marksmen and other bands had to perform stand-still shows.

“I felt for all the chaos that we had that day,” the director said, “the kids handled it really well. They went into the gym and gave it their all. We’ve got a small group, but we sure sounded like a large one. When we put them in that gym, they played their hearts out.”

She felt the students performed well overall.

“They were able to really do their dynamics,” Edmondson continued. “That’s what we worked on a lot in the morning, was how loud and soft they would play. They really pulled it off and put a lot into it.”

The indoor, stand-still show led to “some color-guard issues,” the director said. “They’re used to moving around on the field, so it gets a little confusing when they have to stand still and do their work, but overall, considering that we were wet and our instruments were wet and the flags were soaked, we did what we could do.”

The Marching Marksmen will perform their entire show for the first time at Jasper this weekend, she said. They’ll take the field at 3:59 p.m. Eastern time.