County signs EMS pact with Spencer County

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Officials restore mutual-aid agreement axed last year

Managing Editor

TELL CITY – The Perry County commissioners approved at their July 15 regular meeting an interlocal agreement between this and Spencer County for ambulance services.

Commissioner Randy Kleaving revealed at an April meeting that the Spencer County emergency-medical-services agency had terminated a previous agreement with Perry County due to the volume of runs it was being asked to make. Mutual-aid agreements are common among police, fire and rescue agencies and define how they will support each other when needed.

“It’s an agreement that we basically back each other up,” Commissioner Tom Hauser explained. This one was an agreement between the ambulance services and commissioners of the two counties, he said, adding that Perry County Memorial Hospital provides the service for this county, and for Spencer County, it’s Spencer County Ambulance Services Inc. The agreement provides a legal basis for each service to charge patients from the other county, he also said.

“This is a good thing to have,” Kleaving said. Since the previous one was terminated last year, “we’ve been working to get it back,” he added before offering a motion to approve it.

The agreement defines various levels of response, beginning with an “awareness mode,” under which the responders are made aware ambulance resources in the neighboring county are depleted and their services may be needed.

In “alert mode,” the requested ambulance service is put on alert that the ambulance resources in their neighboring county have been depleted and due to a current emergency event, a high probability exists that their services will be needed. The requested ambulance will move to the county line or another requested location to quicken any needed response.

“Response mode” will send an ambulance into the neighboring county for an emergency event.

Either county can withdraw from the agreement with 30 days’ written notice.