County gives up land, keeps surplus rescue truck

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Bids for vehicle too low, commissioner says

Managing Editor
TELL CITY – The Perry County commissioners vacated some property and exercised their right to reject bids submitted for a surplus vehicle at a regular meeting Oct. 17.
The vacation of unimproved extensions of Blum, Gutenberg, 29th and 30th streets was requested by Dow Brock, who was represented by attorney Jim Tyler. Platted but He said owners of adjoining properties expressed no objections, nor did the utilities that provided responses to his notifications. He heard nothing from Comcast or AT&T, he said, adding that getting responses back from either is “a challenge.”

Tyler said the request originally included 31st Street, but he amended it to exclude it to give utilities a route through the area. Brock was selling property in the area to a couple who planned to build a  home, he said.
Commissioner Bill Amos asked before the truck bids were opened if a minimum price could be set.
“Is that legal now,” he asked county attorney Chris Goffinet. “We thought it was worth at least $5,000.”
The high bid for a 1989 GMC one-ton truck was “$100 over any other sealed bid the commission accepts,” according to Goffinet. “Maybe you can do that; I’ll have to think about that … what if they all said that?” he asked with a laugh. The highest bid containing actual numbers was $2,555 from Mike Dowland. Four more were submitted, with a low bid of $400 from All Kinds of Scrap.
“I think they’re too low,” Amos said. “I think we can keep it for that.”
Commissioner Tom Hauser agreed and offered a motion to refuse the bids, which carried 3-0.
In other business, Amos said the emergency-medical-service building near the Perry County Memorial Hospital has been paid off for years and was to have reverted to county ownership at that point, “but it just got lost  in the shuffle.”
Under an agreement reached years ago, Goffinet explained after the meeting, the hospital borrowed money to construct the EMS building, and repayments from the county were considered lease payments.
“The hospital owned it and the county leased it from them,” he added. “Now the county will own it and lease it to the hospital.”
The commissioners approved 3-0 a motion to take ownership of the building.
They will next meet at 6 p.m. Nov. 5 in the county courthouse.