County bicentennial to include time capsule

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Suggestions for what to place in it sought

PERRY COUNTY – A time capsule packed with items about what life in Perry County is like will be sealed and buried this fall as part of growing plans for the county’s 2014 bicentennial celebration.


The Perry County News will sponsor the time-capsule project, which will kick off this spring with an effort to collect items related to the county. A similar time capsule was buried in 2008 after Tell City’s sesquicentennial.

Buried in City Hall Park, it won’t be opened until the city’s bicentennial in 2058. “That effort gathered hundreds of small items, photos, stories and bits of memorabilia,” News Editor Vince Luecke said. “I foresee something similar with the bicentennial but perhaps larger in scale since it’s a countywide effort.”

The News will partner with a bicentennial committee that is helping to oversee activities during the year, including historical stories, features and special events culminating with a celebration Nov. 1.

The newspaper is seeking suggestions on what to put in the time capsule or ideas of how to get the most participation from people of all ages.

“Obviously we want items from across the county so those who open the capsule will experience what life was like in 2014,” Luecke said. “I’m sure we’ll have lots of personal photos as well as notes from parents and grandparents to their children and grandchildren. In many ways the time capsule is a community effort but at the same time very personal for those who submit things they want their loved ones in the future to see and hold.”

Luecke said it hasn’t been determined when the capsule will be opened. “I like the idea of it being opened in 50 years. Grade-school kids today will be middle-aged in 2068 and high-schools seniors in 2014 will be nearing retirement. I’d like for them to be around when it’s opened,” he said.

Suggestions for time-capsule submissions or projects can be submitted to the News by phone at 547-3424 or email at editor@perrycountynews.com.