Company seeking shingles for reuse will sign contract

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Investigation continues into costs, site requirements

Managing Editor

TELL CITY – A company that asked the Perry County Recycling Management District to begin collecting roofing shingles for it to recycle is willing to sign a contract for that service, the district’s board of directors learned at a regular meeting Dec. 19.

Lynn Rice, a member of the district’s advisory board, reported that investigation was continuing into the costs and other requirements for launching the new collections. As the News has reported in several stories, that investigation has been underway since October.

Executive Director Ken Smith said at previous meetings the district will sell the roofing materials to Betz Brothers of Jasper, a company that hopes to grind the shingles and sell the asphalt back to companies like J.H. Rudolph for use in roads.

Smith told the directors the company would send him a copy of an agreement it has with the Martin County Solid Waste Management District “so we can start with that one and build from there.”

Contractors that choose to deliver used shingles to the district site in Cannelton would be charged a fee that hadn’t yet been determined. Smith and Marlow Smethurst, who chairs the advisory board, said previously other area sites charge $20 to $50 per ton.

If the service is launched here, Betz Brothers will collect the shingles, grind them up and sell the asphalt to companies like J.H. Rudolph for use in roads.

Smith also reported the first set of bills for an annual fee charged to county residents were going out this month. The price for cardboard was down in December, he also reported, and mills that accept it for recycling had already started working on January quotas.

“I’ve been told that this is normal for this time of the year,” he said, but since his arrival in early 2010, “I haven’t really seen it … this bad.”

Bill Amos, a member of the board of directors and county commissioner, said he’d visited the Cannelton site “and you’ve got 30-some bales of cardboard. That’s still OK until January?”

“It’ll have to be,” Smith replied.

“Plastic, newspapers and magazines also dropped this month,” he also said. “Plastic dropped to almost half of what it was six months ago.”

As of Dec. 17, the district had received $7,364.83 for 37.46 tons of metal, $5,849.50 for 95.74 tons of newspaper and $38,888.60 for 399.69 tons of cardboard. The 28.22 tons of plastic collected netted $8,429, 36.73 tons of office paper brought $4,796 and 56.8 tons of magazines were sold for $3,501.65. The recycling of books added another $105 to the revenue total of $68,934.58. The total for 2012 was $89,832.90.

Miscellaneous revenue for 2013 totaled $2,649.10 and included $739.10 for aluminum cans and $1,600 for used oil. Nearly 9,700 trash bags were delivered to the Cannelton site during the year and visits totaled 7,727. The Branchville site counted 8,298 visitors and 17,302 trash bags. The district benefited from more than 5,160 community-service hours.

The board will next meet at 6 p.m. Jan. 23 in the county courthouse.