Company employees sometimes not as smart as 7-year-olds in simple arithmetic

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Before going to my mailbox every day, I take a pain pill to avoid an anxiety attack.

Two major companies in particular hire people who cannot add, subtract or use any modern convenience that will do it for them.

One bill this month was $30 more than it should have been. The other was $25 more than it should have been.

I have very little patience when it comes to sitting by the phone for hours trying to get my bill corrected by pressing 1 for information, pressing 2 for a live person, etc. They need one button to relieve the tension I feel while doing this.

I finally have to call my daughter to take over this task because by then I’m either ready for a nervous breakdown or it is time to go to work.

What they really want is for you to let them take it out of your bank account every month. That would require twice as long to get it corrected and probably a trip to the emergency room for me.

So please, you big giant companies, if you can’t find help that can add or subtract, contact me. I know a lot of 7-year-olds smarter than this.

I don’t think I can name the companies in this letter, but the two worst offenders are AT&T and Direct TV. I have had trouble with them for over three years.



Anita Heckel

Tell City