Commissioners approve data pact, money swap

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By Kevin Koelling, Managing Editor

TELL CITY - Perry County commissioners voted in a regular meeting June 2 to approve information-sharing agreements between Perry County, Tell City and other utilities agencies. They also signed an ordinance prohibiting the resale of county-provided data and reduced an emergency-management appropriation.

Tony Gray of WTH Engineering offices in Huntingburg, offered two agreements that would permit the sharing of geographic-information-systems data, such as water-main and telephone- and electrical-pole locations, between the city and county utilities and Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewer District. No money will change hands under the one-year agreements, which include restrictions on providing the information to others, Gray said.

The company makes some of the maps from its GIS available to the public at http://thinkopengis.indiana.wthengineering.com/start.

An ordinance previously presented by County Recorder Jane James contained a $500 fine the commissioners felt was too low to deter people who request large amounts of information from her office from reselling it. The commissioners signed it after the fine was raised to $2,500.

Steve Hauser, director of the county's emergency-management agency, said the Indiana Wireless Enhanced 911 Advisory Board asked that several line items currently paid out of the 911 budget be shifted to another county-general fund, and vice-versa.

To accomplish "a flip-flop in the funds" requested by the board, Hauser asked that money appropriated for 911 dispatch services be reduced, saying he'll pay those expenses from a separate emergency-management fund.

He said he'll ask the county council for an additional appropriation to complete the swap, and no increase in spending will result from the changes.

"It's just a transfer out and back into another fund," he said.