COLUMN: Why you should subscribe to this newspaper

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It’s not often that I can deliver a column into every home in Perry County. Today’s sample edition of the Perry County News does just that so what better opportunity to talk about the newspaper you’re holding and why you should become a subscriber?

First, on behalf of the newspaper’s staff, a big thank you to our subscribers. Thank you for your support of the newspaper by allowing this publication into your home twice each week. I know many others of you pick up the newspaper at newsstands or area businesses. We thank you, too.

I’m not much of a salesman but if you’re not a regular reader, I’d like you to consider subscribing. My appeal isn’t entirely selfless.

Newspapers rely on revenue from subscriptions and advertisers to pay its bills. But that’s not my prime motivation.

Your subscription to the News will do much more. It will help us continue doing our jobs of keeping you informed about what’s happening in your county.

Where else will you learn about the workings of commissioners, what your taxes will be in 2013 or how the decisions of a school board will impact you and your children? There is no other source that offers you that and more twice each week.

Who else reports arrests, fires, court news and obituaries, what your kids will be eating at school next week or who bagged the big deer or large bass? That’s just part of what we give our readers.

I sometimes shake my head when I hear people say there’s nothing in the paper anymore. Upon hearing that, I often ask that person what they would like to see more of. More times than not, they can’t give me an answer.

We listen to our readers and what they want in their community newspaper. In the coming weeks, you will see changes to the newspaper. A redesign is in the works, as are new features. With the growing popularity of local wineries, we will debut a column on local wines. A health-and-wellness column will make its appearance in January and we’ll begin printing a weekly list of upcoming meetings. These ideas have come from readers like you.

We’re not perfect and the paper reflects human foibles. As I toyed with a B-section headline for parade photos last week, I was careless and omitted an apostrophe and an “s” from the headline.

Another editor caught the blunder but I overlooked it when making other corrections.

We strive to be as accurate as we are relevant.

Despite our occasional freckles, we are a quality newspaper with a hard-working staff. We aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers or to sometimes unsettle those in positions of power with our pursuit of the truth.

As the paper’s editor, I’m always open to hear your ideas, compliments and complaints. I personally log thousands of miles each year not just traveling to meetings but parades, fairs and picnics. It’s not just part of my job. I enjoy it.

When you see me, grab my arm and let me know what you think about this newspaper.

But today, I’d like you to consider subscribing. An ad appears in this edition that offers a $5 discount. Thanks for your consideration.

Enjoy this issue. We hope it’s the first of many coming to your mailbox.