COLUMN: Why we like living in Perry County, Indiana

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We moved here last summer from the northeast where we lived most of our lives. One of the biggest differences we have noticed is that neighbors take the time to stop by and introduce themselves when we moved into the neighborhood, some even bearing gifts such as cookies!

Recently, I was unsuccessful with an attempt to start a lawn mower. Another neighbor, whom I hadn’t met yet, came over and offered the use of theirs. Another example occurred when we were raking up leaves during spring cleaning.

The neighbor on the other side of the alley informed us that the town won’t take them in the spring but offered to take them to the recycling center if we bag them. For us, this embodies the idea of a neighborhood – it is people not just living nearby but helping out, lending a hand when they can. Both of us feel like we can call on a neighbor for just about anything if needed.

Editor’s Note: This is one in an occasional series of articles by readers who have made Perry County their home or who have returned here after several years. Columns are coordinated by the Perry County Quality of Life Committee, which is an umbrella group of the Perry County Development Corp.