COLUMN: Time to get serious

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I cringed when I stepped on the bathroom scales Wednesday morning. So did the scales.

310 pounds. Yikes.

I’ve never been a slender fellow. Well at least not since the early years of elementary school. I knew I had put on extra pounds the last couple of months. Tight pants and snugger-than-usual shirts told me that. Still, I never expected to be that heavy.

I’ve always been healthy. Never hospitalized. Other than mild high blood pressure and cholesterol, I’ve never faced chronic health issues.

But I know my weight, if not reduced, will more than likely reduce my years of life. I’m more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke, develop diabetes or suffer any number of serious and even life-threatening health problems.

I’ve noticed myself tired in the afternoons, even when I get a good dose of sleep. I suspect I have sleep apnea and I know that sleeping disorder can be made worse by obesity.

Not a great prognosis. I can’t change my genes but I can change my actions. I can eat less and I can choose more healthy foods. I can give up soft drinks and a fetish for candy bars.

I can exercise more. A bicycle gathers dust in the back of the newspaper office in Tell City. I’ve pedaled so little, the wheels may be dry-rotted. I can walk more, in the morning, at lunch and after work. I can actually use the gym membership I pay for each month instead of driving past it and saying to myself, “I really need to go there more often. I’ll start next week.”

I’m not going to go on a crash diet. I’ve done those before and while I’ve been successful at losing weight, it never stays off.

I have a lot of reasons to lose weight; family and friends who want to see me around for a long time and a job that I enjoy – but one that puts more than enough stress on me.

So, I will exercise more, eat a better range of healthier food and give up soft drinks and candy bars. My goal is to welcome the new year weighing a good bit less than I do now. Some resolutions can’t wait until New Year’s.

Chapel Update

After three years of work and thanks to a long line of helpful friends, the chapel I’ve been building near New Boston is nearly completed. I worked on landscaping over the weekend and am ready to stain the hardwood floor. After that it’s installing pews, paint touchups and other minor chores.

No matter what, the chapel will be ready for a Sept. 22 open house. Everyone is welcome to come by and there may be an evening prayer service of some type that evening.

I plan to pen a summary of the project in our home-improvement edition, but mark your calendars now. Details will be forthcoming.