COLUMN: Stabbed in the front by friends

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BY Vince Luecke, Editor

I’ve been a little stressed lately, for a lot of reasons. Some of the causes were beyond my control, but the way I’ve handled the situations and the stress they’ve caused me was in my control. It still is.
So, let this column serve as a public confession of sorts. I’ve done a lousy job recently of dealing with challenging times, including circumstances when I’ve felt mistreated or had my feelings hurt.
I hold grudges, not so much with my work at the newspaper, but personally. Gripes and irritations I should allow to either roll off my shoulders or deal with immediately I habitually collect inside my gut.
I have difficulty letting go of problems. I stew about them, sit on them, internalize them, thinking they’ll digest and go away. They don’t. They rumble like rocks in my craw, annoying and hurting me and others.
Feelings of resentment often grow and steam inside me until my temper blows its lid. Yes, I do have a temper, but I let few people see me when the tea kettle inside me begins whistling. It doesn’t blow often, but when it does, it turns heads.
A friend who knows about my recent bout of irritability texted me with a reminder. “Don’t take life too seriously. You won’t get out of it alive.”
How true. But while we all have appointments, sooner or later, with the undertaker, I’m one of those people who can’t easily forgive and forget.
Fortunately, I’ve been blessed by friends lately, many of whom have helped me through tough times. They’ve listened and offered suggestions, stood by me and in a case or two, gave me a needed hug. A couple of them have been brutally honest, confronting me and telling me that I’ve been one crabby #&@*.
The truth hurts.
“True friends stab you in the front,” once quipped Oscar Wilde, who had his own share of troubles throughout life. I take that to mean good friends have the freedom to speak brutally frank things to one another.
Thanks to those who have stabbed me in the front recently. I hope to be a better person and friend in the days to come.
As someone without a wife or significant other to confide in, I rely on friends for help, advice and even the occasional kick in the rear. Without them I’d be little more than a lonely spinner of words.
Tell City Police Department’s Segways have generated chatter in town, especially among those who haven’t seen the two-wheel-ed vehicles before. As a reserve officer, I’ve operated the demonstrator a few times. After a little bit of uncertainty, I caught the knack of it. I liken it to operating a zero-turn mower for the first time. The Perry County Substance Abuse Committee awarded more than $47,000 in grants Friday, with a portion of that money used to purchase the new police department equipment.
The department will focus the Segways on the River Walk along the floodwall and other walkways. The units are quiet and go places where a police car can’t.
The Segways aren’t accident proof. There have been a few tumbles, but no serious injuries. I’ve wobbled a few times, but haven’t fell down.
A story on the grants is on today’s front page. Watch for a feature on the Segways when they arrive early next month.