COLUMN: Let me introduce you to American Profile Magazine

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The first week in March will mark a special event for our readers.

American Profile, a full-color national magazine with regionalized editorial content that celebrates the people, places and things that make America great, will debut in The Perry County News March 5 as an insert in the newspaper.

Each edition of American Profile will include a broad range of regular features, including stories of hometown heroes, regional calendars of events, as well as features on celebrities with hometown ties, health trends, entertainment, important current issues and recipes. A special feature will also be a profile of one of America’s great hometowns.

American Profile is one of the most exciting ideas for smaller newspapers that our industry has seen in a long time.

This full-color magazine will complement our local news coverage by providing editorial content that embraces the values and spirit of our readers, and we are pleased to bring it to you on a weekly basis.

The regionalized component of this publication is very exciting to us because it will be a great addition to the local news and features we already provide our readers. With American Profile there is a strong likelihood that readers may have a personal knowledge of the people and places profiled in the magazine.

Until now, hometown and community newspapers have not had access to a magazine with quality content and production that meets or exceeds that of the Sunday magazines.

Larger-market daily newspapers are well-served with the existing Sunday magazines, but weekly and small-market dailies require fundamentally different approaches for editorial content, production and distribution. This is American Profile’s main focus.

I am happy that we can offer a new element to our product and hope you enjoy and look forward to it each week.